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I am beginner in this sector can any guyz suggest me that which PROGRAMMING Language should i learn first?

9/30/2018 5:46:26 AM

Shubham Raj

5 Answers

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Depends. What do you want to make first? (with that language). Videogames, apps, websites, etc. Although there are so many languages, each one work better in specific situations, keep it in mind. Buuuuut, i think that python is a good language to start. C is very recomended. After all, many other lenguages are based on it, but it's a little difficult.


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Python is a popular choice for a first programming language. It's a bit more human-friendly. C would be good for later when you want to be nicer to the computer so it does what you want better (cater to it vs it catering to you). But yeah, please use the search bar. This gets asked a lot.


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