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Has anyone else used PyDroid3 app?

I've been messing around with the app for a few days and really love having the terminal aspect on my phone. just thought I'd start a discussion on Pros and Cons Vs. Sololearn (at least for python)

9/28/2018 6:19:43 PM


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I agree. I feel like user input with python is one thing that SoloLearn really lacks on


Yes. I recomment it in my codes.


I have this app in my Cell, It is a handy when you have a input Python request that's not work properly in Sololearn playground.


I am using jupyter notebooks on Pydroid 3 and enjoying the experience. However, I am having problems with PyQt5 and Ministro which keeps telling me Pydroid3 needs extra libraries to run, but then there is always an alert saying, "Invalid Qt version". So, I have not been able to check out PyQt5. I am also checking out tkinter and it is working quite well. I prefer live coding to quizzes, so that's a minus point for SoloLearn. When I'm online, TutorialsPoint Coding Ground is great and the live code feature in the tutorials is pretty good. Python fiddle and other online IDEs are good but they are not connected to tutorials. I have used an app called HTML Code Play that lets a user run example code offline within the app. The user can alter the example code and save the changes. I would like to see someone add a walkthrough-type feature to Sololearn maybe within Pydroid3. See WalkMe!, Inline Manual, Whatfix and WalkHub. Would you be interested in trying to develop such an interactive tutorial?