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Where are you writing your SoloLearn codes?

I've some more questions for the question description... Are you writing your SoloLearn codes in an external IDE or editor and then upload them to SoloLearn via copy and paste? Are you using the SoloLearn web editor? Are you using the mobile editor? I started working on a SoloLearn code to upload SoloLearn codes. Do you think it's useful for you? Any suggestions concerning features?

9/23/2018 1:38:31 PM


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I use VSCode + Google Chrome. Then I test my code in the web editor. Then mobile testing. I use mobile editor only if there is needed small changes.


I'm used to write codes only at SoloLearn. And then I'll copy the code I made, create a new code again and paste everything there then publish. (I don't have laptop/PC)


Gamma001 Thanks! For some reason mine was very laggy today. Had to try to save the same code around 20 times in the web browser before I succeeded today. Anyway, I would probably blame my bad internet connection...


I have only written small codes on Sololearn and have always done so with code playground on my mobile.


Muhammad Quwais I'm also using Github, but again not for the codes which run in SoloLearn. Just for the codes which are used by some of my SoloLearn codes....


I mainly use Sololearn app to code. Sometimes, I write code in laptop. 😉


KrOW I've the same problem. Probably because of my pretty bad (free) internet connection. Saving code is like playing lottery or maybe roulette when betting on red or black...


Muhammad Quwais and KrOW A couple of days ago I had to save the same code 20 times until it worked... rough estimation but probably quite accurate... So maybe not only upload codes is needed, but it should be also pretty persistent and don't give up until it succeeded.


I also stated out to write my first codes on the phone, but now I'm basically only using it to make corrections if I messed up something... 😁


I use QuickEdit and anWriter


KrOW Yeap, it's frustrating to lose your changes. That's also why I copy and paste my code into another editor before saving (if I don't forget). If it doesn't work just try to save again after a refresh...


Ulisses Cruz Thanks for the info! I guess in a web browser not the mobile app...


Yes, I use my Tablet to code in Sololearn.


Saeed Ahmed I'm using Visual Studio Code frequently, but for some reasons not when I'm writing SoloLearn codes... 😩


KrOW I'm also removing the modal box, but mainly to save my code somewhere else and then try again... Didn't know about the json...


I love the coder in the app, but quite often it fails to save or fails to load. I am using an iPhone, does it happen to anyone else?


I write codes in my phone 😁.


Hi Vedic Bhatnagar , Thanks! I'm also using different editors / IDEs for different languages...


i write mine on a Python editor


If I am on pc when write a code, I use Sublime Text. But if I am on mobile, I use Sololearn's IDE