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Next front end Language?

I finished HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I struggled a bit with the JavaScript course. I’ve seen other posts recommending jQuery and angular. Is jQuery still used these days? Ang, react seem to be more popular these days in my limited experience. Thoughts?

9/23/2018 11:54:55 AM

Michael Mahoney

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Interesting. I can see that. It could be a bit unfair to compare React to jQuery though. The author mentioned it, though not in this specific light, when he said "Browsing through the React job listings, I noticed an interesting trend — a lot of them were for things that we don’t think of as front-end web work" Grain of salt? /shrug 😊


jQuery is a JavaScript library. Angular and React are front-end frameworks. None of the above are new languages. When I look for answers to my questions on the Internet, most of the stack overflow or stack exchange answers are in jQuery, so I think it's good to understand.

0 This article does show that jquery is becoming less popular.