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Suggestion for increase relations

What do you think about ideas to put a flags near to photo, for to ease the relation between users? For example I desire to create a personal group with only my country users.

9/19/2018 3:34:00 PM

Elle Dlag

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hey there. I don't understand your suggestion. but who knows? maybe Sololearn devs can understand it. goto [email protected] and mail them.


Great idea, you can send your idea to [email protected] 💖🙌💗


Just for remember: this is a comunity for coding, its not a service for make new friends.... Exists facebook (and similar) for this purpose


well there is already a flag in your profile, main page. You already have the status badge on your photo, and then you want a flag, 12.5% gone with status badge , 12.5% gone with flag. only 3/4th part left, well that'll become messy. Won't look good. anyway God knows what the developers think about it.