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PY or JS?

Should I learn Python or JavaScript as a first real language? All I know is markup like HTML and CSS. I started both Python and JavaScript a while ago but found HTML and CSS to be a better start. I am still working on HTML and CSS, as everyone should, but I want to start to expand a little. (please dont respond with those "oh, do whatever you think would be better!" comments, because I want real facts and opinions)

9/18/2018 12:39:10 AM


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Hi, It mainly depends of what are your goals with it. - If you want to build Web apps or websites, you'd better go with JavaScript as it goes in a very good synergy with HTML and CSS. - If one of your goal is building algorithm, do complex IT/Data Science/scripting stuff, then Python could be a good choice because it really easy to learn - Once again, you can script in Javascript, build complex applications, even games and you can build websites with Python (thanks to Django or Flask) but it requires a harder work. Since you are into HTML and CSS, I would first recommand Javascript, you'll be able to learn also Python if you want in the future.


Thanks Nicolas :)


You're welcome ! "I'll help, anytime !"