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Python - PyInstaller and QT_PySide2 ui files

Hi everyone. I'm currently in the stage of learning how to package and distribute my Python app. I've been having a bear of a time using PyInstaller and linking appropriate data files (e.g. QT .ui files). Nothing seems to be working. I am using the .spec file PyInstaller creates and tried various combinations. At the end, nothing is working. I've tried both on windows 10 (Python version 3.5, 3.6) as well as Mac OS X. Any suggestions?

9/10/2018 6:21:59 PM

Alexander Perez

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I'm also trying to make a simple exe right now with no success ...


at least we are not alone. seems to be a common issue.


Maybe that's what you get if you compile something that doesn't want to be compiled? ;-)


ha! i guess so. However, somethjng forsnt sound right considering PyInstaller's spec file offers a great deal of flexibility to include data files. perhaps its in issue with the .ui file considering it is not a standard expected file type (such as .jpg, .png, etc). something is not right.


Let's hope someone here knows a solution.