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What is your best strategy for studying JavaScript Challenges

Share with me how you manage to master JavaScript challenge quizzes and how you can get your JavaScript submitted quizzes accept , I am inviting few great JavaScripter ,grey eagle ,JOY,$hardul Birje ,「HAPPY TO HELP」 ,Dark Angel, Ekrem and but every one is invited ,and if you are great too in JavaScript challenges it will be my pleasure to know you strategy too

9/9/2018 9:53:46 AM

Sir.George S Mulbah II

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I have never done a javascript challenge lol but in general, it is just practice and study. Every new thing you learn, try to find a way to use it so you can understand what it does. Most of the time, when I am stuck with a keyword or something, or believe there is a better way to do something (shortcuts) I use https://www.w3schools.com/js/ or https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript to study and find something. Happy learning and good luck :)


George S Mulbah .. I haven't played JavaScript challenges for long, I must admit, and am not great. But when I played I found that I should sometimes be really good and solving problems very fast. Only theoretical knowledge is not enough to win challenges in programming languages. You must be good at math to some extent. Keep a copy or a piece of paper with you along with a pencil or a pen to do any quick calculation. Last but not the least, you must practice a lot If you really wanna be good, you can make account and solve problems in sites like Codewars (www.codewars.com). You will be good in competitive programming really soon. That's all I can say. There are pretty good experts in JavaScript who might later answer your question and give you better answers.


George S Mulbah check this link too... this site has a simple but great way to teach you algorithm http://algorithm.codingdojo.com


Now when I'm getting better than before at JS challenges.. I would suggest you to have basic RegEx Knowledge ES6 knowledge Well how I practice is.. If I lose a challenge I see the answers try to understand it by implementing in a code.. Sometimes Google the methods this helps a lot too.. Further observe for some twisted challenges.. Still I may need more improvement to comment on this Well I think Luis Febro 🇧🇷 sir can be helpful to you... //sorry for disturbance


$hardul Birje same here... never been able


George S Mulbah Bro writing good code for apps and winning challenges are not the same... But I thank you for thinking so good of me :)


George S Mulbah... it's better to start earlier with programming languages than to keep them for a later time. You will lose, but you will go stronger, pretty soon you will just become expert and win mostly.


One bro for another :) ... always :) George S Mulbah


Also George S Mulbah beware of the new questions 😂😂.. They are quite tough because of the spaces in the solutions


I never got any of the submitted quizzes accepted! Well about the challenges thing.. When you play challenge first read the question correctly as many a times the questions are really tricky.. Secondly you should be able to recognize or remember the Syntaxes used in JS.. Well at first time would seem less since the questions are logic based and require many calculations so you may end up with time out!! Also I'm not a master in JS.. There are many people better than me in JS Like @Ekrem and @Denis Terekhov


JOY ,thank a lot but you really wrote lovely codes in JavaScript , by the way I am still trying to understand this language from all aspect.


https://www.sololearn.com/Profile/8811144/?ref=app https://www.sololearn.com/Profile/1743865/?ref=app


JOY ,thank Bro for that link it really great , I will try practicing more there


There are two moments you face when you are doing these challenges: Part 1: you struggle to master quizzes Part 2: you worked hard and you master every single quiz. Now you have a new battle. When you reach this phase, eventually the monotony will hit you. And you have to create your strategies to keep you interested. You need to have a clear goal to achieve and daily progressive goals like how many XPs you aim to get a day. When comes to master the quizzes, basically I took a screenshot to every quiz I did get wrong. And make an deep analysis of the question mainly rewriting the question on a console and using a debugger to track the process on how they work, specially loops, callback functions, and all tricky chunk of codes. I also kept a historic of all questions that I mastered in a mind mapping. I used an open-source software called FREE-MIND. This was mainly I did to have the first place in Javascript Leaderboard. This all comes down to how hunger you are to learn, practice and achieve a goal.


JOY , bro you what the moment I finishing with my course on Udacity I am going to put more time on all these cool link you gave me, thank a lot ,this mean so much to me


JOY , I know ,Bro but the problem is I have to master JavaScript basic which I am still studying than after I finishing my plan is to jump right into the challenges and become a expert ,like I did to html