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Create Certification template in html

I would like to create course completion certification template dynamic in html. (example solo learn completion certification) Online converted course certification template docx file to html code, but certificate border display in first page and content display in second page. what is the best way to create certification template in html? And how to render dynamic html certification code to jpg image? (certification image). Thanks in advance

9/7/2018 2:32:29 PM

Prakash Jain

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I've been working on something like this, and would like to know a good answer too. So far I've been working on a MySQL database, linked with PHP to a "webpage" (to display the results), which can then be saved to a. pdf or. jpeg. But I'm not very far along, and would love to know more too.


Finally certificate .jpef border layout added content.


Sample certification code can you please to guide to write content in below certification border frame.


Thanks man