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Interactive story with Java

Hi there! I recently had an idea to do with Java. I would like to create a kind of interactive story in which you have to make decisions and according to the decisions you make, the story continues in a different way. It would be like a lot of stories that don't stop branching, and in some parts you can die, or in others the story ends, etc. I think is a good idea and I could realize it with java. I would like to know your opinion and ideas about it, what input and output classes would you use, how would you make the classes more compact, etc.

9/6/2018 11:34:44 PM


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I had this idea once before, aligned to a "string map". All your choices would result in a += str. So if you chosen the first option, the string would be 1, and then if you chosen 3, would be 13... So this way i would be able to return on time (by manipulating it) and create more immersive experiences...