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Does Java Course on Solo Learn gives enough knowledge to us on JAVA which can be used in Android Developing in Android Studio ?

9/1/2018 4:46:56 PM

Sarthak Kuchhal

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Java is l'll different on Android ..but not too much yeah the Courses here can help you with that but u have to take an alongside Android course also .. You'll also have to learn XML for layout designing and JSON for server based codings in Android.. You can go on Udacity for free Android Course..😊😊Happy Coding


Yes but it only provides you a basic experience and if you want to develop android apps then you have to proceed through Google,Stackoverflow,etc... Check out my apps:-


Yea the language is about controll memory/variables/objects. You need to know that to create the best interface to your application. You also need to know markup language(XML in android studio default) to design your pages.


Java is essential tool to build andriod application. but if you want to make best app you have to know enough about activitys,views,... and the other important and necessary senses that never mentiond in java.


yes its enough but with Java you can make logic part of your app. you should learn about android more for make UI and working with android API (like notification , vibrate , sounds , files , permissions ,etc...)