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Windows 10

how does this work on Windows 10 because I can't seem to do this. When I type javac , it gives an error that it's not recognised. Please help

12/30/2016 11:23:38 AM

Thumeka Dlanjwa

9 Answers

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Make sure that you have the Jdk installed and not the JRE only. Make sure the Java path to set in the environmental variables of Windows. Google "Java Path windows" for detailed istructions on how to set the path.


download and install jdk (not only jre as separate install) after that go to control panel and add a path to environment. then open CMD and Javac works it works in Windows 10 this has been asked earlier too see previous posts


Thank you. I had installed jdk but was having trouble with saving the path name as there is no My computer on Windows 10. I did see a solution to this on another thread. Thanks for your responses.


type in control panel in search a computer icon with written System appears go there go to advanced settings and then you can set path. if you already did this, then good job just get started 👍


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