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Link html page

How can i link my other html page in my new html code? Please Help me

8/25/2018 6:22:40 PM


6 Answers

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<a href="about.html">About page</a>


Traditionally, you can use the anchor tags. In SoloLearn's Code Playground, there isn't really a way to do so (although there are ways to fake it) as it is more for practicing and storing code snippets than for a full-fledged website.


1.make sure the html page you want to link to is in the same folder as the one you are working on. 2.add this <a href = "theHtmlPage.html"> Html Page</a>


An anchor tag is for links, so you use it for linking to other websites, pages within your website, and even sections of your page.


To put it simply: <a href="link here">Text</a>