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[Discuss] Lychrel Numbers

Recently, there's a challenge "Anti-Lychrel Numbers": https://www.sololearn.com/learn/12390 Out of curiosity, I wiki the "Lychrel Number" and found that there's still no proof if there exists Lychrel Numbers for base10. However, there are some "Candidate Lychrel Number"s, which haven't been assured if they're Lychrel Numbers, ex. 196, 295, 394... see: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lychrel_number Now I have a plan, we can think about what kind of numbers can form a Lychrel Number. Maybe we can find if those Candidate Lychrel Numbers are Lychrel Numbers or not. The only rules I've thought of is: - Numbers only consists of 0~4 must not be a Lychrel Number And according to Wiki, the Lychrel Numbers with other bases are often: - Repeat some patterns, which make the number can't become palindrome Welcome to discuss and tell me any of your ideas ( ੭ु•ω•)੭ु

8/23/2018 11:02:53 AM

Flandre Scarlet

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ok 88111155 all critical digits will eliminate each other next step to harmless ones. there will grow no other crtical ones. give it two loops for being pallindrome


Oma Falk al? you mean anti-LN? idk, but it may be a good problem to test how many times a number become palindrome before it become LN however, we must have a method to check if a number is LN before we do that🤔


Satnam Singh because there's no such a thing called "Anti-Lychrel Number" 🤣🤣🤣


Oma Falk that's non-Lychrel Numbers, but I'm more interested in Lychrel Numbers or Candidate Lychrel Numbers, which may not become palindrome


Oma Falk i know it, but I'm thinking how should i write the algorithm to check this kind of numbers🤔


**98**** partners **9845** fill up with harmless digits 11984520


hmmm... all that stuff reminds me to Conways GAME OF LIFE, which is chaotic. I am not a specialist but I see a 1D cellular automat with a halting problem. I found some algorithms to create ALN . So one can descrive some very native rules But I see no chance to find out more about candidates.