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What is the best server-side programming language?

I want to know what is the best programming language for servers is it PHP or Java or another one? and way it's better?

8/22/2018 1:59:32 PM

Mohamed Handa

8 Answers

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I think JavaScript , python , php, ruby these are the best server side programing languages


in my opinion Nodejs (JavaScript) I recommend MEAN stack (mongo database,expressjs, angularjs,Nodejs) to be full stack web developer. good luck


Choose between Nodejs (JavaScript) and Django (Python). Although I am big fan of python but nodejs is in high demand right now for backend, so I recommend to learn nodejs.


PHP Although Node.js is great but if you are doing large projects use PHP


in real world and real time...it's Php..you will love it


The most popular server-side language is PHP. But a crop of emerging languages like Node.js are poised to overtake it. It however still remains a very viable option.


the thing is there is no "best ... whatever" I think you should take a look at each solution and take the one you feel more comfortable e.g. there is MEAN stack as Osama Samir said there is SAFE stack too where f#is used


is java useful for backhand