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[SL] Why SL moderators don't decline lessons?

I have lots of lessons that are useless because someone has already made a lesson – e.g. made a lesson about Express but it is already here. But idk why my lesson wasn't declined. And I have tons of useless lessons in the Lesson Factory. Can smb help?

8/21/2018 9:15:04 PM


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lack resources? what's about free moderating? like usual moders in SL


hinanawi btw thx for the advice, I'll write 'em


hinanawi then why SL staff doesn't make moderators that will filter the content?


it takes a while for them to get declined, i had a lesson on structs in C that got declined only a while after the one you see now was published, just give it some time. also it's not the mods who review the lessons, it's SL staff.


talentless_guy beats me, ask them at [email protected] if i had to guess it would be lack of resources to hire such people


is it really hard to sell your products if its good they still look for the most important ?


I would talk with a few businesses and see if they could not do anything for you . they may promote whatever you have for a fee , but you'd be making an income from it . right ?


if it's something that you created than you would have the right to benefit from it .


well for as long as ive been wantint to grasp all of this, if you make it simple enough for beginners to leran you wouldve had one investor here


i wouldnt call yourself talentless you need to look at other options. there big deals in every generations


If i had put something together as u have i wouldnt just toss it. keep working at it. nothing comes easy, except for most of the already entitled people.