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Posts in SL?

Hey I updated my app recently and see there are posts with pictures and backgrounds. Can anybody tell me how to do that

8/19/2018 7:15:25 AM


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Those posts are not related to Q&A Discussions. Those can be posted by clicking on What's on your mind on your profile table in Activity feed section. These posts can be seen by your followers and If your post is worthy or you are lucky enough, it can be selected by Sololearn as a weekly highlight and everyone sees it...


Lεd10 Dεda Seniru Pasan The feed posts are not limited to your followers only....They appear randomly in everyone's Activity Feed :)


Lεd10 Dεda Thanks


Nikhil oh thanks for the info


Really? I didn't know they are shown randomly. I thought they were choosen by Sololearn as the most interesting ones. Well, thanks for the info Nikhil