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Floor division and modulo operator?

Can i ask? what is floor division("//") and modulo operator ("%")? I still don't get it in my school there is no lesson with it, so can anyone explain it to me. Thank you in advance!

8/13/2018 10:27:53 AM


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Floor division divides and output the quotient rounded down to the nearest integer Example: 5//2 => 2 #because 5/2 is 2.5 rounded down so 2 Modulo operator divides and output the remainder Example: 5%2 => 1 #the remainder is 1


If there is no remainder, then the modulo operator returns 0 :) 100 % 20 => 0


so what if in modulo operator there is no remainder? is it not applicable for modulo operator?


ok thanks alot now i understand