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What is the difference between sourcecode and pseudocode?

2/24/2016 9:16:00 AM

Anakin Sepherd

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Source code is the actual code that can be compiled into an app and then be executed by the machine. Pseudo code is just the algorithm of the program, it is how the code would look like when it is actually programmed.


Source code is written in programming language and is ready to compile.. pseudo code is written in simple English, and cannot be compiled using a compiler..


Pseudo code is a non language specific description of what code should do. It allows the reader to understand what code they should implement with out tying it down to an implementation in one language. it's good for explanation. It might be that it discusses in every day language an algorithm. But it is not it self an algorithm. For example: pseudo code. If x is greater than why then add one to y. source code is the implementation of code. an implementation of the above pseudo code might be. if (x > y) { y++ }




Pseudo code isn't generally written into any IDE. just so you know. I write pseudo code on paper to make sure I understand in english what I want my code (or source code. They mean the same thing.) to do. its useful because as code becomes complex it is harder to keep in your mind what you are trying to achieve. It can be used like a plan. It keeps objectives clear. This is important as time wastage occurs and confusion can occur as the mind tires during coding sessions that do not go smoothly. It also meams you can share your algorithm with others so they can understand, or perhaps you wish to have an algorithm readily available if you need to implement a similar solution to a different problem at later date--regardless of the programming language you need to implement the algorithm in.