How many languages should I know as a Computer Science student?

I was wondering if I need to know all the programming languages as a computer science student?

8/12/2018 6:02:55 PM

The Boss Gent

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Python, Java, Ruby, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, Swift, SQL, Jquery


Well, the more you learn, the better you become.


The Boss Gent Programming concepts are things such as variables, control structures, data structures, algorithms, design patterns, paradigms (procedural/structured/imperative), etc. All of these are not specific to a certain language, so by learning more about these things you get a wider understanding of programming as a whole. It is knowledge you can apply in a great variety of languages.


for programming purpose you should be learn 2 language as well as object oriented language. you also learn this language you prefer. but learn basis of all language is best for every coder.


It's more valuable to learn programming concepts than programming languages.


learn any object oriented programing (OOP) language like C++ or java. now a days Python is popular language. so u can learn Python also.


Depends on what you want to do. If you're into web designing, the obvious choice would be HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Languages such as Java, Python, JavaScript are hugely in demand in the market currently and are highly versatile+widely used. Above all, as mentioned in the answers above, what is important is to understand programming concepts which are similar in every language. Personally, I found using Java to understand the concept of OOP quite effective. C is also good to understand these concepts at a lower level.


The more you learn the better your knowledge will be if you will ask me I say learn all language that cross your path


seeing my friend who graduated from BSCS, you don't need to "ALL". he had experience with java,C/C++/C#, .net. all he learned from our school whether he liked it or not since it's part of the school's curriculum. he's now just learning python tho.


With different programming languages you get to know different things. My course of computer science started with C, making a linked list with pointers, getting familiar with memory allocation, then we learned C++ (encapsulation, polymorphism, inheritance), some assembly after that & only then JAVA. From each of the subjects I've learned the <<basics>>. I can guarantee, that if You know one programming language well, You'll be able to learn other ones in no time :)


It's all depends on you that, in which field you want to make your career. Basically you must knows the basic of all the languages. Every language have their own pros and cons. So, you should knows 2-3 languages which helps you in your project without any others help.


one but you needs to be good at that , there are other things that you need to know other than programming language , database, data structures, algorithm, system architecture etc


Eduardo Petry , what are programming concepts? please elaborate more


for programing concept learn data structure




just shift already


One is more than enough.


C C++ JAVA PHP C/AL AL C#(.NET) SQL HTML CSS Bootstrap Python Ruby JS JSON