javascript is useful to make games....?

i want to make games ... when i searched this on youtube i found a number of videos which told that javascript is useful in making games....is this true...if yes than can i easily learn java script script cause i know html

8/12/2018 4:18:40 PM


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c++ is manily going to be out for other games so my answer is c++


There are lots of games in code-playground, crafted with JS.. Start making little modules of games..


javascript is like all the other language you need a minimum level for create a game


Check my works here : https://github.com/borislavvv00 I have made some games with javascript and yes you can make games with it. It easy to learn and to make games. But I prefer c++ because c++ is used in every big game because of his memory menagment and you can code in lower level. However, more important is to have fun when you make a game no mater of the language or tehnology.


JavaScript can be use to make a little games but you need to know css and html , and learn how manipulate them well ,here on sololearn they did not elaborate much on understanding JavaScript fully that is to say that all the lesson didn't really go in detail with JavaScript ,I suggest you download this book , You don't known JavaScript Up and going from ebook.com, there the writer tough the most tricky part of the language even the part must programmer will try not to touch , I hope this help you