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Jupyter Notebook or classic IDE for Python?

I think Jupyter Notebook is a very powerful tool. It can be very handy in scientific works but also for beginners to learn Python. To code in Python, what do you prefer: a classic IDE or Jupyter Notebook?

8/6/2018 9:04:02 PM


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It depends on your task. In making scripts you rarely need interactivity - it's rather full program execution you want to run. So it's more handy using a standard IDE. When dealing with data processing and analysis, however, you want to look at your data after each processing step, correct or experiment, add new temporary variable in-between and such -- then it's more convenient to use a notebook.


Both are useful tools. Generally I think that notebooks are good for learning or testing out new ideas or quick analysis work. IDE's are far more useful when trying to build a full fledged application.


Absolutely Pycharm is perfect.


i prefer IDE PyCharm by JetBrains. Great and powerful IDE.


why not notebook in pycharm?


I think Pycharm by JetBrains is a powerful IDE for everyone. (beginner or professional) you can use common version


you can use vs code for writing your python scripts


Jupiter Notebook, PyCharm and maybe Visual studio code are our accord of God


I think Notebook is useful for beginners and not also because u can print your work and make a report to study


I think that jupyter notebook is best for learners and new in python.


thanks for your answer