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Data structures

why is it necessary to learn the implementation details of every data structure if most of the languages have an inbuilt library where just the prior knowledge of functions would serve the cause..?

8/1/2018 5:40:53 PM

Ashay Singh

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Mostly to learn the inner workings. If you dont plan on taking on a career in programming, it doesnt matter. But if you want to get hired and contain value in a company, learn and master them. Self made DS can, obviously, also have customization which will be needed on different projects. These customizations are not always available with libraries others built, as they dont know what your intentions are. Finally, using someone else's tools and abiding by their rules is very restrictive. As above, these DS sometimes need customization.




Ashay Singh Learn their implementation allow you to: - Understand which data structure fits your need - Know pros and cons have they then you can better optimize your context - Implement custom ds based on some tradeoffs (memory vs computing)