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Challenger on pc

Will there be a possibility in the future to do challenges on your pc? This because my ipad is a little bit slow, sometimes i try to do my best filling in something. But because it is too slow, the challenge is up to the next round.

7/29/2018 7:37:01 AM

Sabine Meijran-Prins

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You can ask Sololearn developers: [email protected] Some people install Android emulator Bluestacks on their PC.


I have tried Bluestacks, but my computer still had some problems with it, I have also tried Nox with the same result.. I will try to figure out if there are more ways to do challenges on the pc.. If somebody has a suggestion, ... :)


ohh thats is a great idea. I have used bluestacks a few years ago and it wasn't working very well, but I will try again maybe it works great on sololearn. thank you 😊