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python input

x = input (x) y = input (y) print (x+y) what's the problem?

7/29/2018 2:57:42 AM


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x = int(input()) y = int(input()) print (x+y)


Life1219 that's because of not giving proper number of inputs. One minute, I'll make a post to show that EDIT ~


Life1219 do you get any errors?


Life1219 you have to input in 2 separate lines, like, 1 2 or let me now what input u are giving.


Life1219 when the code asks for input, write a number (or a string would work too) and then press enter. Then give your second number or a string on the second line.


x = input() y = input() print(x+y)


yash Nikhil Nikhil Dhama thanks. now i know.


Nikhil EOFerror


NezhnyjVampir yash Nikhil Dhama I used code playground. but it doesn't work.


Nikhil Dhama it isn't work, too.