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Multiple inputs

In Python, I'm trying to code an input, then some code that applies a function to the input, and then repeat the process, so that it keeps prompting the user to enter more inputs. All the code playground seems to be allowing me to do is a single input, or multiple inputs all at once before I run the program. I've tried using while loops, and even that doesn't work. Any ideas?

7/24/2018 8:57:55 PM


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Sololearn app does not host any of the interpreters inside it. All your code is transferred to a remote server which runs it locally and all you get back is an output. So there is no physical possibility of multiple interaction like you want it. This is why you have to provide all your input right away.


If for Android, try PyDroid3 or QPython3. They both support simple but proper IDEs for creating and running scripts.


I hear good opinions on this one: Ten bucks, though...


Thanks, can you recommend an app where I can do multiple interaction?


I have iOS. Any recommendations?


how can I separade the inputs?


it is working on sololearn too but you have to give all the input at once. please check below thread and my comment in same thread.