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Every time I try to save my code it failes

7/22/2018 6:32:24 PM


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If the save fails, it usually means the app timed out waiting for a response from the server. The more people using the app the more likely this and other timing issues occur. The solution is to save by back arrow as it will only return to the list of programs, when the save is successful giving positive feedback the save worked. You must also rerun programs until they work. I put an output message that can't be avoided to prove my code actually runs ignoring no output, compilation error, etc.


It's probably an issue with your internet connection. Whenever I get this I copy the whole thing, take a small break then paste and save it 5 minutes later. Hope I helped. ☺


Yeah, the Sololearn editor is trash. Most of the time force stopping the app from settings works. If that doesn't work then try clearing the cache. If all fails then re-install the app.


Yes, its very frustrating 😤... If i would be a SL developer, i would try to minimize this problem by local caching the codes while they have not saved


If you mean in the app try to reinstall it


I think it's better to reinstall the app


if you are using any linux distro its probably because your disk is full


same problem here. i have to hit the save button multiple times. i often give it a little break, do my prayers for it to work, then try again a minute later.


Give this a try: 1. Make sure you are back at your code, not the html page after you run the code. 2. Save your code from your code page. I always couldn't save my code whenever I tried saving at the loaded html page after running the code. But when I tap on HTML on the bottom left side of my screen to return to my code and save from there, I can always save my code.


Do you have a valid internet connection??? Actually I am not facing such kind of problem!