[SOLVED] [Off topic]how many people can you follow

so I hit a follow limit and I was wondering. Can you only follow so many people at a certain time. or is there a set limit of how many people you can follow. btw I'm at 4995 following. the answer is you can have unlimited followers but only follow 4995 people

7/19/2018 4:32:25 PM


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I believe it was 500 in the past. Unlimited followers. https://www.sololearn.com/Discuss/356044/?ref=app


Manual 500 following in a day? or 500 following total?


... and why would you want to follow anything beyond 4995 people?


Manual I'm following 4995 ppl


Hatsy Rei sort of... maybe... you know what, not really.


Fata1 Err0r nope I just clicked on the person in " recommended for you" area and it came up with a little gray box at the bottom of the screen.


Ah, I see. Thanks for clearing my doubts.


Good question. I've no idea. :) Did you follow that many people immediately, back to back? Or is that just the people you've followed over the time you've been here? I could see this going either way. In one hand, you could be limited if you're spamming follows like a bot would. In the other, that's a lot of people that you're following, so maybe it's just the overall cap on it for whatever their reasoning. Does it give you a specific error message?


LONGTIE I 500 following total, it may be different now.


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