[SOLVED] [Off topic]how many people can you follow

so I hit a follow limit and I was wondering. Can you only follow so many people at a certain time. or is there a set limit of how many people you can follow. btw I'm at 4995 following. the answer is you can have unlimited followers but only follow 4995 people

7/19/2018 4:32:25 PM


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I believe it was 500 in the past. Unlimited followers. https://www.sololearn.com/Discuss/356044/?ref=app


Manual 500 following in a day? or 500 following total?


Hatsy Rei sort of... maybe... you know what, not really.


Manual I'm following 4995 ppl


Fata1 Err0r nope I just clicked on the person in " recommended for you" area and it came up with a little gray box at the bottom of the screen.


... and why would you want to follow anything beyond 4995 people?


LONGTIE I 500 following total, it may be different now.


Good question. I've no idea. :) Did you follow that many people immediately, back to back? Or is that just the people you've followed over the time you've been here? I could see this going either way. In one hand, you could be limited if you're spamming follows like a bot would. In the other, that's a lot of people that you're following, so maybe it's just the overall cap on it for whatever their reasoning. Does it give you a specific error message?


Ah, I see. Thanks for clearing my doubts.


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