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C# Output Console

Guys can anyone help me out, I got this issue, every time I try to run any kind of code, console automatically shuts, the console window just pops in and out... I can read output of my code only if have "readline" command at the end. Can anything be done in VS settings to keep console on, without extra "readline" command.??

7/14/2018 1:11:19 PM


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No, this is the expected behaviour as the program is terminated. You can either add a ReadLine at the end, or run the program in non-debug mode (or is it debug mode that doesn't close it? I've forgotten) Experiment pressing CTRL + F5 (launch program in normal mode) or just F5 (launch program in debug mode) and see if that helps.


I guess I remembered it wrong then. :p


Marcus thanks for responding :). Yeah.. But my VS is set by default on (debug) and only other option is (assemble).. So, Readline is kinda only way to make code visible


Huh. Is it a console application or a .net core app? I think you can just launch by hitting CTRL + F5 to launch it in non-debug. Otherwise you could play around in the settings :p


I always keep it in debug, yes it's console application. I was digging around settings a bit xd but got some other issues afterwards xd so now I reinstalled it. But same thing, I can read only if I leave Readline command at the end For ex. if I have like; int x = 3; Console.WriteLine(x); I don't see anything if I don't input Readline command