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Best free text editor?

Hey there, i’m new to HTML and i was wandering which is the best free text editor to start designing websites. I’m currently using notepad.

7/14/2018 12:54:50 PM


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VSCode and Sublime Text 3 are pretty good.


I suggest: - Notepad++ - Notepad - Wordpad - Sololearn


visual studio


i use Notepad++ & sublime text😅


I need to mention VSCode since nobody has mentioned it yet. Awesome lightweight text editor, lots of extensions to download. EDIT: Here's a 20 minute talk on why VSCode is a great text editor :)


Thanks for all the answers i think i will give Sublime text a try


I use Sublime Text:


As an alternative to notepad++ , you can check out notepadqq which also runs natively on linux.


I suggest: Brackets Atom Sublime Text Notepad++ Sololearn Khan Academy


If you're using linux I'd suggest gedit or sublime text For windows, notepad++ or wordpad or textpad or sublime text In case you want an IDE, SoloLearn, Brackets, Atom etc



Visual Studio Code is the best. Here's the link :


N00B real sweet. Even CLI text editors like nano and vim are better than that. Sorry, vim is like level 30 if notepad is 1


Visual studio is best free with tons of plug-ins.


sublime text is the best, you can type html and hit enter then BOOM! first codes done for you automaticaly :)


If your looking mainly for editors and not IDES, Sakurapad, Sublime Text, or Notepad++


Mark your answer correct so that more and more people won't put in their suggestion. Good choice as it works on both windows and posix os.


I use Notepad++. It is pretty simple to use (not a vast learning curve). It's a popular and good text editor that new coders use alot. I have also used: * WordPad (which is ok for getting ideas down for smaller programs) * regular NotePad (not recommended, unless you can't use anything else)



i use sublime text bc it suits me better and i can change the syntax