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inputs in Sololearn playground

Sololearn playground gets all inputs first in multiple lines and even doesn't show the hint(like my own code).why is that and how to fix it?

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For other languages, sololearn takes all necessary inputs, store them and run through the entire program, then just display all resulting outputs. It's not as resource intensive as fetching for a new all the time, especially since they do everything on their servers for millions of users simultaneously. Another thing, for multiple inputs that will be prompted as the user goes along, some form of thread would be required that reads the code one by one. And since millions of threads will literally crash the servers, they just take it once and work on it and send it back. I guess it's easier for web code since they use your built in browser as the compiler for that, but there aren't any standard built in compilers/interpreters for all these different languages, so this is the best they can do to provide that: atake all your codes you typed along with your inputs, Analyze it on their compilers that are on their servers, Return the output to you. This is just a big fat assumption, but I think it's accurate.


Thanks a lot Andre Daniel 👍


Mohsen glad to help