What should a web developer know about building e-commerce websites?

There are different kinds of websites to be created; Static (Informational) websites, dynamic websites, blogging websites, entertaining websites. And they all have different ways of approaching or building it. Some have libraries that make that kind of website easier to create. How is it with building e-commerce websites?

7/12/2018 10:41:19 AM

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1.Firstly you need to check other e-commerce websites,Register with them use the site and see how it works because you need to know how it works first before you can start building it. 2. Before you can successfully build a good and working e-commerce website u should be good with your PHP, Javascript, MySQL and also you should know how to work with AJAX because it will be demanding when you want to do something without refreshing the whole page. 3. Another important thing to note is that u need to know how to NORMALIZE your database, how to organize your file i.e separating the UI from the CONTROLLER, always search for safest and secured ways to write your codes. 4. Finally, You can learn how to use WORDPRESS, Django to build things using their plugins but this will only make you lazy and you will not be a good developer, always build from scratch. HAPPY CODING👍👍👍👍 and GOOD LUCK!


thanks Raphael Elorm Kwame Hlortsi Sampson Joshua ( Jozy ) NightLord for your answers. Theyre really helpful


my way would be html as it works with the internet and makes a webpage but how you upload it to the web is your choose but i dunno if this will help if it does please let me know I like helping


Things to consider include 1. the design (UI), 2. database (how data would be collected and handled) 3. security (authentication) 4. payment integration etc. 5. mobile friendly


anymore suggestions, please?