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Hangman game

I need help !!!

7/12/2018 7:42:17 AM

gameDisatrous Directorinc

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We need your code !!!


Janning⭐ exactly


okay fine then then what is the community for. I have a problem don't want give me the code fine then ! go ahead block me all I care and remove the community .


Lol can't help just say can't help . u want me code the interface only !


Hi gameDisatrous Directorinc, SoloLearn is a platform for helping beginners learn programming. If we do it all for you, we're not helping you learn. It's not that we can't: It's just that we shouldn't. A poorly formed question deserves a poorly formed answer. Most of what the community gets in the Q&A is: - spam - advertisements of outside services or personal promotional material (like code for showing off) - inappropriate content (for almost any public forum) - questions that would be more appropriate another forum As volunteers, in order to better serve the people in the community with genuine needs, we have to make a determination (based on the information we have from posts) whether or not to take the time to give a thoughtful answer. Mirroring the amount of effort that went into the question and taking the tone into account is a general rule of thumb for maintaining healthy boundaries for ourselves as contributors. We could have very easily said, "We're not helping you beat your hangman game."