Is programming for the genius? What are necessary requirement to be a programmer?

7/10/2018 5:43:12 PM

🥇Rinde Olaniyi (Ph.D.)🥇

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Not to sound narcissistic, but yes, it's definitely for geniuses. :D I'm only joking, it certainly doesn't require you to be a genius. If you know how to read, think logically, and exercise your ability to research & solve problems, then you'll do just fine with programming. Like most skills in life, it requires you to put in a lot of effort to learn it and then put in a lot of effort to practice what you learned. Eventually you'll become great at it, but again, like most things, it takes time and hard work to get there. As humans, we're the masters of limitation. Don't limit yourself by your beliefs or dialog that you have with yourself. Speak greatness upon yourself and your body will move into that greatness by your direction.


practice more and you will be a good programmer


Be confident..Programming makes us genius. For this we have to practice daily and try to grasp everything smartly and not try to learn everything😌✌👍 All the best


No, Friend, you don't have to be a genius to become a programmer. According to me, programming is all about the collaboration. You will learn more by collaborating in programming. Not only practice makes a man perfect, but continuous and perfect practice makes a man perfect. so keep practising and experience more problems every day see the differences the yesterday and your that day. Be consistent. Hope it helps...


It requires a thorough understanding of quantum mechanics and higher dimensional physics. :D


Necessary requirements: 1. Do not give up easily 2. Remember the first rule 3. Practise


Practice programming and you will be a genius... Requirements:Needs to have a hand to type and a brain to think


practice practice practice


Programming is for everyone. By everyone I mean everyone with a curious, analytical and creative mind


Bearacotta Warriors I've seen your account and that's majority of your posts. I doubt it was a joke. If it was genuinely a joke, put '/s' at the end to denote sarcasm.


only people with master degrees in quantum mechanics and quantum physics understand programming.


@Bearacotta Warriors It's all about tact. :D For example, if I responded to someone and said "you're f***ing stupid." Without tact, that's just me insulting someone and nothing more. However, if I said something like, "Man... I've spent my WHOLE life wondering what it was like to be dumb and ignorant. Is it as blissful as they say?" then they'll at least be confused enough to not realize I'm calling them stupid. lol As well, that's a funny enough statement that most would laugh, so it could easily be passed off as a joke. ;)


As long as you've watched Richard and Mortimer you should be alright


Bearacotta Warriors How can someone be so arrogant?


Programming defines a person's problem solving skill. Since the peoples who are genius have a good problem solving skill, they generally have good programs. But it doesn't mean programming is for the genius. And also, every person can learn other person's problem solving skill. That means, The people who work hard could develop good programs, because his problem solving skills develops.


I won't say that programming is only for the genius, but yes, programming is for those who have good imagination, creativity and the abilities of problem solving and transforming tasks into programs. Endurance, perseverance, curiosity for programming, enthusiasm while learning to code and the basic things like the basic knowledge, coding platform and time are the requirements to become a successful programmer. All the best!! 😊✌👍 __________________________________________________________________________ THIS IS MY LOVE FOR PROGRAMMING(EVERYTHING CAN BE REPRESENTED IN THE FORM OF COMPUTER KNOWLEDGE): So funny! https://www.sololearn.com/post/15639/?ref=app


It matters not if u're a genius or not. All that is required is focus, patience(debugging can be so annoying), hard work , practice and creativity.


no you just need to think logical also update your Knowledge every day and ready yourself for new Technologies and at the end just practice and practice and practise...


wao, I'm impressed and motivated by your comments. you given much impetus to move on programming without. malingering.


quote jackie chan: “ its not hard, everyone could do it but not everyone have the patient to actually do it”