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Where are the ads and in-app purchases?

I found SoloLearn on my own. At first, I discovered the mobile version of SoloLearn. On the side, it said that the app contains ads and in-app purchases. I can't find either, and I greatly want to support the developers. Where are the ads and in-app purchases on mobile?

7/8/2018 3:56:24 PM


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Ads are not yet incorporated for all users, they are being implemented gradually so as not to damage the users' experience. On the other hand the in-app purchases are not yet implemented, but I'm sure that for future updates we'll see more of that. Btw, it's great that you want to support SL! :)


it looks like random ads are popping up. screws up my concentration when in competition. Never happened before now its screwing things up.


i like that it is free. sorry to hear it is going to cost money. hope the ads aren’t distracting. knew this program was too good to be true.


I have ads in the app too. Kinda distracting i guess. But remember an app like SoloLearn is an app of paid quality.


Just discovered this app and I love it but the adverts are a pain. Give me an option to pay and remove them and I will!