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What is difference between standalone and web applications

Explain about standalone and web applications with real-time examples

7/6/2018 3:39:13 PM


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Hello, Bhargav ! Web application: The user interface is displayed on the client machine using a specialized client (a.k.a. web browser) capabilities of the user interface on the client machine are limited in that it supports a web browser (including plug-ins). A programmer usually does not have the ability to implement arbitrary functions on the client, but must work within the capabilities supported by the client. Business logic and data warehouse are not on the client machine (in general, there may be limited exceptions). Rather, one or more servers perform these architectural roles. Communication between the client and the server occurs using the standard protocol of network communication (HTTP). Offline app:There are many different architectures for standalone applications. Some can be very similar to a web application; others are completely different. The programmer has full control (within the capabilities of the operating system and support of a wide range of user interfaces) over the user interface.