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What is Best Web Programming to Learn in 2019 ?

What are the best language to learn in 2019 ? frameworks or techniques , is PHP is usable in this year or JS ?

7/5/2018 12:57:31 AM

John Nehry C. Dedoro

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JS is everywhere. It's a good language to learn. There is no the best language by the way.


Python will be big next year


Hi John Nehry C. Dedoro, Not sure we can tell the future (just yet).


Every Programming Language is best , it's depending on you that which one you like most ...


Yep but what is the most usable language to learn in that year ?


You can look at the Tiobe-Index to see what languages are trending. But as Janning⭐ said we cant really tell the future.


Although I can't foresee the future. I am convinced beyond a reasonable doubt that Java, Kotlin and Javascript will still have a place in 2019 and I think years to come. Sometimes a new language comes out and it is all the rave. Then it fizzles out and is gone. Stick to one of the big guns as a first language then you can toy with one of the flavours of the month and hope it will still be around by the time you have learned it.


Kotlin is good.