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T String Pattern: Given two strings S1 and S2, the program must print the pattern as shown in the Example Input/Output section. Note: The string S1 always comes in the first row. The string S2 is printed along the last matching column of S1. Boundary Condition(s): 1 <= Length of S1, S2 <= 100 Input Format: The first line contains S1. The second line contains S2. Output Format: The pattern is printed as shown in the Example Input/Output section. Example Input/Output 1: Input: trophy panther Output: trophy ---a-- ---n-- ---t-- ---h-- ---e-- ---r-- Example Input/Output 2: Input: morning ninja Output: morning -----i- -----n- -----j- -----a-

7/3/2018 12:40:13 PM


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Thank you OBULIRAJ S, I miss this kind of small challenges here, nice one !

+5 here is my code



+3 Modified hinanawi's code.


My try :


What if it's an input like funny balloon


Nice asignment!



What code don't work