Your pro tips for learning "how to code" step by step 😊😎 | SoloLearn: Learn to code for FREE!


Your pro tips for learning "how to code" step by step 😊😎

What are your pro tips and tricks about learning coding in your lifetime ? Thanks!!

6/29/2018 6:05:48 AM

Cevin Samuel

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You just need to practice in order to memorize and comprehend things. That's it.


1 organise your files properly so that you can store and retrieve information youre looking for easily. 2 understand your ide very well such as shortcuts and debugging features 3 find a main textbook and use its table of content to make a checklist of all concepts you will cover, also try to make connections between the different chapters 4 vary between reading and watching videos if you ever get stuck 5 practice everyday, and make sure you understand a concept well before moving on. 6 use mnemonc strategies to memorise important information and keep a study journal to log your progress and questions 7 challenge yourself and others on sololearn and other platforms like codewars, and learn from your mistakes!


First i think about my program or any programming question. Then build my logic and sometimes revised my concepts if I need. Then I write it on a paper and then run it on computer..and debug my code if need😃 By practicing you can achieve lot,it doesn't matter how many time you are taking .Always try to think a little bit on any programs,make short programs,it gives you a lot.👍


Great tips. 0⃣Understand the problem properly. 1⃣Build the logic for problem. 2⃣Make your code on copy with help of pencil or pen. 3⃣Dry test on your programme on copy. 4⃣Type the code on computer.and see output. if you succeeded then party otherwise repeat the every step again.


suppose right now I am told to learn Golang then . 1. i ll read articles to see why its getting popular. 2. i ll go to golang's official website and learn the syntax, or any popular tuturial whicever comes first in google search (coz more Helpful content will be ranked higher) 3. i ll try to do everything with golang that I can do using javascript(my main language). idea is to explore why the programmers I follow are loving golang thus try to fall in love with golang myself so that I dont get bored during practice. 4. now there are always language specific problems, I hope Stackoverflow will have my back, if not I ll ask on github/blogs/articles to experienced golang coders. 5. time for doing big projects, I ll look for Good golang projects making in youtube and do first few by copying the instructor. next projects will be done completely by me. 6. now time to learn clean coding so i ll look for Good programming practice for it in github project docs or good articles. 7. design patterns


Learn and learn things that you don't know how to achieve. Learning is good, but without practice you will forget what you have learned. So practice a lot too.


the trick for me was finding a good video instructor that I enjoyed listening talk about code with correct information.


Never get angry. If you're about to, just take a break.


I believe there is no shortcut for learning. My passion for coding makes me try new things everyday and i make a lot of errors and then i learn from them. Practice is the key! Though some errors make me pull down my hair and scream at the top of my voice sometimes lol :-p !! But practice and curiosity always works from me in learning coding !!


visiting howCode or Coding Train channels on youtube. You don't learn much often at first. But watching others code is something too. Plus, code reading skill increases. So you're being better watching... Hope that helps :D


Have a lot of patience... Lots of practice and never giving up on a code once started.. Also keep challenging yourself with tougher codes..


practice makes perfect


LogoMonic Learning Mnemonic= is it like "PEDMAS"(Parenthesis, Exponentiation, Division, Multiplication, Addition, and Subtraction) ? Thank you for your answer!


this is just my way: i write a hard code in a card and set from A to Z in a deck... if i forget it... i just open my deck ;)


yes Cevin, that is one type of mnemonic called an acronym. there are other types such as the peg system and the journey method, and my favourite logomonics


Write pseudocode is the best practice for beginner, this also readable for people who don't code.


it just to keep learning