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Existing or not software which multi language programming, multi compiler, and offline?

Guys, ask you existing or not software which multi language programming, multi compiler, and offline for windows or android. So not install one by one.

6/28/2018 7:47:16 AM

Muhammad Akmal Naim

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It depends actually you have ide that work with several languages but not with all of them. For example: Eclipse works with Java and Kotlin and Code::Blocks works with C++, C and I'm not really sure but I think it works with C# too


Muhammad Akmal Naim you're welcome 👍✌


#Code is a universal application for Windows 10 devices that supports up to 12 programming languages: C, C ++, Java, C #, Python, PHP, JavaScript, VB.NET, Perl, Ruby, Pascal and SQL. Complements parentheses automatically, highlights lines, checks for syntax errors and allows code to be folded.


Thanks Learner Sage, for your answer.


Thanks Uni, Artur Azevedo, and Alejandro Camus, for your answer and suggestion, very helpful.


It's true I only answered half of it. But it is a multi compiler. :-)


My question wrong Rosy ??, If my question wrong please correction and Thanks your suggestion.


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Visual Studio Code is great!


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Hello, you tried with #code. This application can be found in the Microsoft store


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I use dcoder with Android phones. It seems it uses several compiler and interpreter for a lot of languages. But for Python, I préférence Py3, that's more comfortable and efficient,but for only one language


yes, it exist I recently started to use bluefish I don't know it's best or not but answer of your question is yes I m using it on pc but may be its also available for android too


Visual Studio. I Visual Studio, you can programm in C++, C#, Python and JavaScript, I think( but I'm not sure).


if i get what the question is asking for, i think you are looking for Eclipse IDE


Hi guys. I use Atom for html css javascript it’s offline and you can put some usefull addon.


#Code is online compiler. TS asked for offline one. Seems, Eclipse and Visual Studio, both are to be discovered before making a choice.


and very good for those people who like programs and software engineering you learn some command and also you can do some cool games and site