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HTML Basics Module 2 Quiz

I guess I don't quite understand what they're saying. The question reads, "When formatting text, can you get the same result when using different tags?" My thought was no, because each tag does something different. I'm sure it's just a silly misunderstanding on my part, but would someone be able to explain this to me so it makes since in my head? Thank you!

6/27/2018 11:31:05 PM


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By default, <em> and <i> both display the same in italic, while <b> and <strong> both display the same in bold. However, the meaning is meant to be different so CSS can be used to really show that by adding additional differences such as color, font size, font type, excetera.


the <b> and <strong> tags are the same basically there are probably others but I can think of them


look at 2/19 of html basics