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Lesson factory questions

Hello. I want to ask some advenced sololearners how long does it take to get my lesson submission aproved (or in my case probably declined)? I submitted a lesson 4 months ago and it's still in "pending" stage. My secon question is, how to insert json file into a lesson. I am making an assignment and I want to include one source file (just like in world cup assignment).

6/27/2018 6:18:05 PM

Jan Štěch

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Jan Štěch, I think you'll find answer to your second question here😊 https://www.sololearn.com/Discuss/933562/?ref=app


You are welcome😊


Jan Štěch, yes, codes are inserted this way😊 About pictures: https://www.sololearn.com/Discuss/1092647/?ref=app


Jan Štěch, you are welcome😊 Sorry, I don't know about too big files. Maybe somehow shorten the file, if possible...


Dobrý den, Jan Štěch ! Přečtěte si prosím tento příspěvek a pak pochopíte všechno. https://www.sololearn.com/post/6782/?ref=app


NezhnyjVampir Ok, so I just need to paste it as raw text and mark it as code and the sololearn team will short it and add "Try it yourself" button in case.they accept it? What about inserting pictures?


Ok, thank you anyway.


Alexander Sokolov Thanks, but I am sure I sumbitted it and don't have it just as draft. What about my second question? Do you have an idea how to dl that?


Ok. Thanks. And what about file, that is too big to paste (more than 2048 charakters)?