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I have a problem In my Android studio , whenever I make changes to my XML file, it doesn't show in preview section. Like if I write a text view of hello world, it doesn't show in preview section, it remains blank but it shows correctly on my mobile when run. Even when I start a new empty activity which already consist of a helloworld program it just shows a blank screen and not hello world Any help is highly appreciated. Thank you in advance

6/26/2018 10:48:43 AM


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you will have to edit the gradle file .


@Mithun Verma Can you tell me what to edit in gradle file


@Mithun Verma As you said I made changes in gradle file


not on emulator brother ,I don't use emulator, i am talking the preview screen


@Mithun Verma Problem solved . // Thank you all my friends who gave their precious time for my query


congratulation but how.


Hi Rstar, i think you have a problem in your Android emulator. I had this problem and i solve it by replace the built-in emulator with external emulator. I wish that will help you


Sorry, i missed :(


my advice is to write codes in another compiler(visual studio, notepad++). Use Android studio only as a compiler.


Offline android studio


Can you tell me what you code? You want your app showing a text"hello world"?