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Which College Degree To Pursue?

As of now, I can only do HTML and CSS, but I already know I love coding and would like to study about it more. The thing is, I don't know what degree I should take in college, where coding is like the main thing. Is it Computer Science, or are there other degrees?

6/25/2018 12:09:59 PM


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computer science, software engineering


learn the maximum as you can, to know how much you should learn (or how much coding is a big field) ask someone already pass the compitation of informatics olympiads


Trixie Cruz you can opt for software engineering in CSE or IT branch.


Thank you for your answers!


Depends on what u like the most....game designing, web development, android or ios app development, computer applications, OS development, AI, ML .....there are lots more....every job needs some specialist P. languages..... think what u like the most or on what things does your mind works better.


If You love Coding then go for CS/IT ....


I wold go for a degree that will work for multiple jobs that are in HIGH demand [alas] I have two more years of highschool where I'll do nothing but review what I already know . :-[