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In what should I focus on?

I've already learned C#, now I don't know what to do: learn xamarin.forms, web development or low-level programming. These 3 areas are interesting for me, and I don't what to do. Which one should I learn first?

6/24/2018 7:39:51 PM

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The following tipp is absolutely serious and yu should give it a try. roll a dice 1,2 -> xamarin 3,4->web 5,6 -> low-level when you got the result, listen to your first reaction. It will show you the way. all ways are ok. It is your very own choice. .


Why use a dice, when you can write a Program to make a Decision?


Sebastian Keßler war ich nicht ganz unbeteiligt


Sebastian Keßler ok.... roll a virtual dice


Den finde ich gut: