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Is Pascal still being used?

I think Pascal is old, but there are some places that uses pascal for basic learning programming like in my country. So if it's old then why don't those places just move on to a more popular programming language? Is pascal still being used?

6/23/2018 7:16:38 PM

Muhammad Hasan

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I remember it was used at my high school for teaching kids. It was the only place.

+12 I would say it’s becoming less popular, but places such as banks still use this langauge a lot. I don’t think it’ll be completely gone any time soon.


Pascal is very old language you don't need to learn , but I suggest you to learn C rather than Pascal because C is still being used in Operating System , Compiler and Interpreters as well as for drivers


fortran is older, but still in use.


In some universities and colleges of Ukraine use Pascal for first acquaintance with programming. Cause it's easy to understanding and study.


Thanks for all the answers 😄 I hope my place could soon move on to pascal and began learning with a more popular and demanded language


Pythoneer whats noip? the only thing that comes up when googleing is a dns provider


depends on what you mean by pascal. delphi is still on place 19 on the tiobe index. it was on place 13 so its falling fast, but there is still a lot of legacy code around so it will not die any time soon


one quite nice python ide uses it o_O


It cannot have died.The supported three languages in NOIP is C++,C and Pascal.But Pascal is not popular because—the code of it is too long and not easy to be understood.


it's still in use but it's just no longer popular


Por supuesto que debe ser reemplazado por algo más moderno y que enseñe a programar según los paradigmas actuales y no los de hace 40 años.


As long as I can remember, Pascal has not just completely died


Pascal is a goog code for automated responses.


A computer competition in some countries,mostly in China(sorry for mentioning something you don’t know)


The old Pascal is indeed dead already. Nobody uses Pascal of 80's or 70's. Remember Turbo Pascal? It's all dead. But modern (object) Pascal language is still alive and kicking well. Today's modern Pascal can do whatever other modern languages are able to do such as programming for web, mobile, AI, IoT, etc. It's just not too popular in most part of the world, though it's still quite popular in some countries especially in Asia, Rusia, and east Europe. We got about 5 flavors of modern Pascal today, read about them here: