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Is it copyright law violation?

if someone include in his android app, a sentence which is same with other android app sentence(text). for example. if an app has a question in its quizz. what is the capital city of england? and another app include this question. is it copyright violation? sorry for bad English.

6/23/2018 2:21:32 PM

sal sal

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It depends on specifics. Examples do not narrow very much down. Usually, something within the source will tell you whether or not it would be a copyright violation.


Hi sal sal, Firstly, always consult an attorney/lawyer. Unless someone here claims to be one, be wary of the advice. (By the way, this includes anything I might say.) Secondly, jurisdiction matters. Thirdly, there may be a Copyright registration process. In the US, it can be difficult to get an application for Copyright of front-end work to stick. Back end is different. There is literature I can dig up if anyone is interested, but I won't expend the extra effort if this answer will suffice. Fourthly, anyone can send you a cease and desist letter at any time. You can push back if you don't think it's legitimate. Sometimes you can convince an IP attorney to do pro bono work and write a response letter on your behalf if you're clearly being bullied. There are some funny examples on the Internet. :) Fifthly, enforceability is a factor. Most lawsuits (in the US) are wars of attrition (who has the most resources and patience). Lastly, it's generally best practice to come up with original content. My opinion.


If you copy texts or phrases from the others, that's plagiarism.


if an app violates copyright right law. it will be banned from play store forever, or for some time?


If a developer violates copyright law, I see no reason why the play store would reinstate the app or allow that developer to continue to publish apps in the play store. It's a good idea to read through the click-wrap for the play store when you sign up as a developer on the publishing service. It should outline potential consequences and as much of their process as they are willing to share.