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Library project

Guy's i need help

12/21/2016 6:14:33 AM

Mimi Gendon Rahmawati

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Seriously though, you should tell us what you need help with!


can you tell us specifically a problem with your code, or atleast tell us what you're trying to do? we can't help you without some better info also what language is it


I don't know c++ so I can't help much. Next time I would recommend giving info at the start, you would get more help that way. Maybe you could even make a new post, idk.


Guys she needs help with her homework project at the library!


library case. a library has collections (textbook,magazine,comic,video,cassette) it's loanable and only can load for max 3 for each coll. in each collection is got a ( code, title, creator, year production, and collection ammount). the library member has data of (user number, name, address, phone number). make program of 1) program menu of borrowing and return, also search and editing the ( collections and members). 2) borrowing collection will decrease collection ammount. but return will add collection ammount. 3) program (borrowing, return,edditing collection) is using by code collection. while program ( search and members edditing) is using by members/user number. 4) to search collection can be use 1 key that can display whole collection. 5). use the function for these program. :(((( ur help will be worth to me


What's the project about?? What Language?? What errors do you have?? It'll be easier if you let us know the details 👤


look carefully he is she


yes . im exactly really new programer. I'm learned for not more than 3 month :( n i got a home work which it must be done by 1 January. it's library project and trust me. i had try it for arround 2 weeks. but never run success. so ... guy's...ur help will worth full to me


@Ahri Fox what's ur email lol


wait.. i write now


@Ahri Fox it's C++ language


Guy's.. are you sleeping lol?