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Did Sololearn Support This.....?

i copy a snake game and menu bar code from my book and run the snake game and menu bar, but it said "time limit exceed" so i delete the code and try the code to my pc and it work! why?

6/22/2018 11:54:56 PM

Jingga Sona

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In the Code Playground, when you execute a code, unless it's a web code, it will be processed by a Sololearn server. To make it possible, they had to set up two limitations for those executions: There's a Time limit, something around 4 seconds (I don't really know) and a Memory use limit. Also, anything like a snake game won't run with python, because it needs a visualisation window to open, and that's not possible in Code Playground. For questions like this you can also post your code so we can answer more precisely ...


Chaim Goldblatt thanks!


i copyed the right code.. so... maybe its sololearn


Code playground ide is very limited for non web codes. Try running your code in a true ide. ☺


Chaim Goldblatt Thats true! But i alredy give space and a right Tab


coolboy7 Maybe... SoloLearn only support "word" with python? Man,... i love python i have 2 book about it 😉😉😉


Cépagrave thanks!


maybe the indentation was copied incurrectly, or solo learn shell does not have the memery for heave codes


there is a thing with indentation though, even if you have copied the right code and it appers to be identical, sometimes it is not copied exactly the same where there is a couple of spaces (in the case if indentation it is necessary). sure! :)


Maybe the memory couldn't hold it well on SL? I don't know, but that is my guess.


Cépagrave Pydroid works good for running Python codes using Android It is a lot better than SoloLearn's compiler, SoloLearns Python compiler allows only input once and takes time to run even the simpliest codes. With Pydroid you can make real programs using Android.