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How To Be Better in Programming as Nikolay

Developers And Colleagues please do me favour how can I beat someone like Nikolay Nachev in Programming to make myself feel Confident in Programming

6/22/2018 11:29:50 AM


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you have to differentiate: Nikolay is a "challenge machine". To win all challenges, one does not need to be a perfect programmer. Good knowledge, high concentration and enough time to challenge as challenge can are important. Additionally he seems to be a very good programmer: Besides the languages one has to study concepts like oop, functional programming,recursion... The best programmers have very much discipline (young people dont wanna hear that). their coding is accurate have structure and are well commented. They learn new languages and are interested in other peoples coding. and.... very important: ... they do thinks completely different from coding: some sports, cooking... far away from computers!


that's a better option to revision 👍


Every day, you must write at least a code as a revision😉


First : Start with some simple Programming Languages like HTML Second : Start to get the deep working of every function, operator Third : Relate your first programming language to Real Life Example and try to implement it into your Code Note : The best way to become best is to write as much code as you can


Buddy if you want to beat someone in programming so just keep learning and keep practicing.


He's a true legend 🤔


Bunny Jackson (Mercy) There are many ways to become one of the best sololearners: winning challenges is one good way being social writing lessons SL is not only programming, it is a bit like a company where different talents and roles are needed. And it might be a chance for everyone to see what he can do. A very friend of mine on SL is too nervous for challenges and will not become coding legend. But he had an unique idea how to contribute to SL. In a certaIn way he is a legend on SL far away from being the best. And now take your shoes, walk an hour and think about your talents... what makes you burn. and dont be the second best Nikolay but the best @Bunny Jackson


I was always wondering how can I beat someone who is best in something that also I love to do


Sure I will! and thank you so soo much also I will suggest all my friends who they are learning Programming


Oma Falk you are so much correct and very very thank you to telling the truth behind the how someone becomes best


thanks Chhagandas Pawar


You need a good understanding of programming languages and do a lot of challenges. I would 200-300 challenges a day.


Practice makes a man perfect.




practise everyday


how to become best programmer


hello ....


good ms jyoti


how can i make a program that prints the first 107 prime numbers in c++


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